The Blueprint, Zero Cipher and Stalefish1

A live gig at the West End Centre, Aldershot

Zero Cipher

Intellectual Alt/metal rock from this darkly tuned quartet, playing a superb set the band displayed the confidence of seasoned performers with an arrogance that had the audience eating out of their hand and hanging on to their every movement. The 'Cipher boys played a tight rocking set displaying their talent of hybrid rock with utmost ease as they and the audience throughly enjoyed themselves with the girls pushing forward to glimpse the brooding genius of the 'Ciphers, although not able to reproduce the brilliant studio tracks off their recently released Album '45 minutes of fairytale endings' they neverless had enough quality material to produce a very good show of rocking tunes and musical imagination.


Stalefish1 in contrast with the delicate and intellegent stature of Zero Cipher Clambered onto the stage with huge presence and attitude that eclipsed all that went before, with nu metal stamped all over, not the youthful nu metal of 'funeral for a friend/Lost prophets', but the Brutal metal of Papa roach. System of a down, the 'fish exploded into action like a nuclear device visibly shocking the girls into huddling together like lambs and drawing the boys forward to enter the bubble of aggression and sound that they had created, a circle of crashing swirling moshers formed that became seriously energetic as the stalefish1 crew displayed their own brand of energy and aggression that will blow you away, coupled together with six tremendous songs they were worth the entrance fee on their own.

The Blueprint

What has been written about The Blueprint this past year is true and eminently clear, this is a fully payed up quality act, taking up where the Stalefish1 had left off they pumped up that bubble with their own unique brand of heavy rock with some scorching tracks taken from their last two mini albums. If you ever want to know what a fallen angel would sing like, them go along and listen to Karl giving vent to his emotions, his stance seemingly berating his god for not doing more!, Karl's vocals steered the band through a thunderous heavy rock show that had everyone head banging and moshing like crazy!.

Three Scorching Rock bands that are ready for the larger venues, the west end center was sold out before the night which will give you an idea of the reputation these bands are producing so don't waste any time make sure you go and see them.

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