A live gig at the Tumbledown dick - Farnborough, hants 15th April 2004.


Starting with a blast of raw passion and energy, and with Ollie trying to kick the ceiling down Fony launched into their first song 'Satire for the world' and with the stage just big enough for the band to get energetic, energetic they got, 5 minutes later Ollie again demonstrated his yogic flying by soaring high at the begining of the second song, this time I swear his toes touched the ceiling, spewing passion like a drunk Ollie stirred the audience from their stupor and was rewarded with a gathering at the front as he launched into a leap that finally kicked the ceiling tiles and produced a classic rendition of ' Black widows & a Film noir ' as the third song, to cheers and applause.
Fony was on late so the bar was shut before the end of their second song, but that aside the band produced a great set playing songs from both of their albums, ' Routine irregular ' and ' Circles ' with fony relaxed and talking to the audience, Ollies vocals seem to pour out empathy/compassion along with rage at will and showed what a great performer he is turning into, the set was completed with a fine example of 'Chore again ', the band was tight and professional and managed to reproduce their studio sound with great skill which went towards making this an enjoyable night and a band you must go and see.

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