The Wild Roses - CD Review of 'The wild roses' Debut album

Melody 10 out of Ten
Excitement 10 out of Ten
Attention keeping 10 out of Ten
Sit and listen 9 out of Ten
Quality of Songs 9 out of Ten
Air Guitar 10 out of Ten
If you want some sort of handle to know what the Wild roses sound like, then consider the quo, playing guitar like 'Slash', yes an album of rocking, bobbing rock songs played with enthusiasm and excitement driven along with some classic metal guitar work that will have you grinning with Joy and relief to know that there are still bands out there who just want to buzz yer.
This band has style and class stamped all over, and looking like a throw back to the 80's metal rock bands, they will inspire loving memories in all true rockers.

The Wild Roses

Vocals Rob Du Conte

Bass Ian Savage

Drums Randii Kiss

Guitars Dirty DC

Rhythm Guitars Paul Rollins

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