RSJ - CD Review of Blueprint for a brighter future

Stomping about 10 out of Ten
Head Banging 10 out of Ten
Attention keeping 10 out of Ten
Sit and listen 2 out of Ten
Quality of Songs 10 out of Ten
Those of you who know what an RSJ is ( rolled steel joist ) know that it's a heavy metal beam that the Hulk use's to swat his enemies with, and when you listen to this offering you will feel like you are one of those being swatted, a vicious pummeling of momentous proportions that had me reaching to crank up the volume (my dog run away and hid) . This is a huge rythmic blast of steel that will strip away the veneer of civilisation and return you to the slime that your are. This had me sweating and stinking like an animal long before it had finished playing and then I watched the video of the band doing the same, f**king excellant.

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