Phoenix Butterfly - 3 ways to leave - a CD review

Head Banging 9 out of Ten
Air Guitar 10 out of Ten
Passion 10 out of Ten
Power 9 out of Ten
Attention keeping 10 out of Ten
Quality of Songs 9 out of Ten
Exhilarating rock music with great guitar riffs and big drums this EP, ' 3 ways to leave ' by Phoenix Butterfly, is an excellent example of modern metal.
With this melodic rock sound and intelligent lyrics you just can't become bored with any of these four tracks.
Powerful vocals and big guitars make the title track one of the best tracks that I have heard this year, secure your copy of this self release EP and be pleased that you will own something new and original

Phoenix Butterfly

Phoenix Butterfly are:
Starkey - vocals
Si - bass
Lee - guitar
Flames - drums

press release:
Eschewing all the ubiquitous cliches of modern rock music (we're talking screamo post-hardcore, retro garage rock 'n roll and emo whinging), Phoenix Butterfly are a far more timeless proposition. Equal parts massive grooves (think Queens of the stone age and soundgarden), insidious melody (Zwan or tool) and delicate introspection (Dead Can Dance and Radiohead), they offer up a multi-layered and invigorating sound.

The fluid combination of bludgeoning riffery and unpretentious melody gives tise to another truely exciting addition to the current rock renaissance. There is certainly something exciting about this Colchester based quartet, Just check out any of the four trcks on this debut EP, 3 Ways to leave.

Released on June the 9th 2003 on the Bands own record label 'Phoenix records', it marks the beginning of an exciting and refreshing career for a very good rock band. for info
or contact Lee or tel: 07796 785 706

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