Phluid - Cynical Smile - CD Review

If you grew up with 70s punk rock and travelled the path of new wave and now find yourself boxed and constrained by brit pop on one side and radiohead and oasis on the other, then you need this cd, it is your only chance of redemption,
Watch it kick down your walls and free your rock 'n roll soul.
Twelve Tracks that bounce and barge along in a manner that will have you singing in the car, playing your guitar when at home and charging around getting pissed when down the pub, this could be the record that puts popularity back into loud bouncy ROCK for the masses. The only way to describe this collection of great up tempo feel good rock music is to describe it as 21st Century New wave.

Phluid is played on Oldboys Rock radio ( broadband )
and also on Rockbox radio ( 56k modem ) Release: Nov 11 2002 on Spiky Black Cat records

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