Goatboy - Dook of Oil - a CD review

Rocking 10 out of Ten
Exciting 10 out of Ten
Lyrics 10 out of Ten
Partying 10 out of Ten
Listening 10 out of Ten
Attention keeping 10 out of Ten
Quality of Songs 10 out of Ten
It's Impossible to label the Goatboy style as they clearly demonstrate their mastery of many styles of rock on this Mini LP CD, but propelled by an outrageousley distinctive vocal style and complemented by a guitar that is equal in its quality, the Goatboy's will grab you by the collar and force you to listen and get excited if only through the enthuisiastic style of their music. Clearly a distinctive collection of superior songs that rock fans will want to play again and again.

Released on the 19th of May 2003
Press release

There was a Peel session ( the inimitable Mr Peel declaring Goatboy 'one of the best rock bands he'd heard in the last five years) Their Debut 'Superlube' was released to critical acclaim, and then there was a triumphant slot at the Glastonbury festival.

Well it's 2003 and Goatboy are ready to go again with a new mini-album ready for release, entitled 'Dook of Oil' , it was produced by Greg Haver and features seven tracks of invigorating, adrenaline soaked rock bluster. it will be released on Mighty Atom Records on May the 19th 2003

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