Fony and Funeral for a friend

A live gig at the Agincourt, Camberley

Funeral for a friend

With the band forming a line across the front of the small stage, defiance and attitude glared out at the crowd, thay crashed into their first song which in truth was a bit stilted and loose but as they started to relax for the second song they found their rhythm and timing and tightened up the sound into a hard core 'moshing' rock that had me wishing the Ag' had a 'pit' to join, but alas, not on a sunday night in tory country.
The Band worked hard moving around the stage and when they started to 'mosh' on stage they found the wooden boards flung them up higher then they ever imagined, although only a short set they played some good rocking tunes that warmed up the crowd nicely.


The tiny stage at the Agincourt which is so perfect for a 4 man punk band, proved to much for a 5 man Fony and their equipment, so they performed the gig minus a guitar and made changes to their set to accommodate this, meaning we didn't get to hear the big 'nu metal' sound that they do so well on the Debut LP CD Routine Irregular, instead we were treated to a tight hard rocking set that was charged through with power and volume that had us, the audience headbanging and rocking midway through the second song, and I am pleased to inform you that it was SO Loud that by the end of the gig my head was numb and I could barely feel the ground where my feet had gone numb from the power that leaped up from the floor.
Olly the singer took center stage forming the tip of an apex in front of the band, he articulated his vocals with power and passion as he moved about the small space on the stage, and YES he can sing live with that powerful roar that is captured so well on their recent cd release
As a Rock Gig, I enjoyed this band, they were loud, powerful and tight, with Olly the vocalist proving that he does'nt need a studio to make him sound Immense, If this band stays the course and completes their apprenticeship they have the talent and composure to make it big on the scene, I enjoyed this band and so will you, do not miss them as next year you will be paying big bucks to see 'em at a big venue.

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