Funeral for a friend - four ways to scream your name - a CD review

Rocking 9 out of Ten
Exciting 9 out of Ten
Lyrics 10 out of Ten
Passionate 10 out of Ten
Listening 10 out of Ten
Attention keeping 10 out of Ten
Quality of Songs 10 out of Ten
Nu Metal hammered out with poise and power, FFAF continue their assault on the music world with their latest EP CD 'Four ways to scream your name' , with ffaf's strong emotions surging through every track and with impressive lyrics for such a young band this is evidence that the bands potential and progress has continued with breathtaking speed since the release of their Debut EP ' Between order and model' released in 2002 this new release establish's FFAF as a leading light in the UK for Powerful emo rock, don't miss it!!.

Funeral for a friend - Four ways to scream your name
Released on monday 21st of April 2003
Press release

Drums Ryan Richards
Guitars Kris Roberts
Bass Gareth Davies
Guitars Darren Smith
Vocals Matt Davies

you took the aggression of rock, the intensity of hardcore, and the painted heart of emo, added some stratospheric pop harmonies that would incinerate Jimmy Eat World at 20 paces, and then lit the touchpaper, you'd have Welsh quintet FFAF's particularly effective plan of attack down pat.' KERRANG KKKK In an age of musical fusion and genre straddling hybrid's there are few surprises and fewer revelations. Funeral For A Friend are truly an exception. Taking the emotional drive and melodic heart of emo, the gut-driven power of rock and the hardworking ethic of hardcore, FFAF are as potent and intense a band as you could wish for. And while there is undeniably a muscular aggression within their sound, their true strength lies in their dedication to the art of writing songs! Like Jimmy Eat World, Boy Sets Fire, Hundred Reasons and Waterdown, Funeral For A Friend are fuelled by emotion and a desire to captivate through the power of their music. The gloriously expressive voice of Matt Davies soars over the layered and complex interplay of the band, creating an entity which truly boasts a beating heart. for info
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