Fallen To - The Mark - a CD review

Air Guitar 6 out of Ten
Head Banging 8 out of Ten
Stomping about 7 out of Ten
Passion 8 out of Ten
Attention keeping 9 out of Ten
Sit and listen 9 out of Ten
Quality of Songs 9 out of Ten
Nu Metal torn from the grasp of america and given a British shine that almost Dazzle's, this long play cd gives 44 minutes of pain free quality nu metal that is a must for the record collection. The band embark on a national tour this Autumn so don't forget to check 'em out, you can find gig dates on their website as well as our Radio page

press release:
Fallen to - The Mark - One moment fuelled by melodic introspection and a meloncholic passion, the next raging with all the aggression and power of the most potent rock bands imaginable, at a time when heavy music, in all its myriad guises, is blasting open the mainstream, Fallen to are perfectly placed to strike another blow for forward thinking rock bands.

Their current single 'Bovine Calm' is out on October 7th and is a scorcher, taking Bovine Calm from the cd and reworking two other tracks from the same cd for what must be a double A side single release ( scored 10 out of Ten on my chart! ), plus the added bonus of a video of Bovine Calm on the single as well.
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