Coerce - CD Review of Thailand Dreams

Air Guitar 10 out of Ten
Head Banging 10 out of Ten
Melody 10 out of Ten
Attention keeping 10 out of Ten
Sit and listen 10 out of Ten
Quality of Songs 10 out of Ten
Coerce have produced a three track EP that is not only original but heavy in a unique pumping swinging way that soaks into your very fibre, if you are into Tool, Korn then this will capture your very soul and force you to reassess that there is a newer and fresher band waiting to take over.
The guitar work is exquisite and the lyrics actually touch something important.

Press release:


The band formed around late 1999 in Deal, Kent. We all knew each other from different bands, friends and being influenced by the same style of heavy music. Things came together fairly quickly and our own songs and style developed. After months of practicing we had a set of songs consisting of covers and original material. The first show we played at was in the Cardinal's Cap at Canterbury in late 2000. Around the same time we also played a few gigs in Folkestone, Margate and Deal.
The next couple of years we spent working on our own ideas, style and sound before being compelled to change our name to 'Coerce'(meaning to force, act or think in a certain way by use of pressure, threats, or intimidation).

We then played a tour of venues all over the country including Nottingham, Birmingham and "The Cavern" in Liverpool. Straight off the tour, we spent the last year working on an EP of our own material which was released in January 2004. This was mainly distributed to friends, family and fans at our gigs and wasn't distributed to the music industry.

The rest of 2004 was spent giging and working on a new darker style of material. With a new recording set up and more new equipment, we spent the majority of the year experimenting with a new sound and different production techniques. Midway through the year we released a three track demo titled "Thailand Dreams", which was sold in record shops around the area and distributed to a few local promotors.


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