Area 54 - CD Review of Beckoning of the end

Air Guitar 10 out of Ten
Head Banging 8 out of Ten
Melody 10 out of Ten
Passion 9 out of Ten
Attention keeping 10 out of Ten
Sit and listen 10 out of Ten
Quality of Songs 10 out of Ten
If you like your metal to be tuneful and melodic, then Area 54 is for you, If you like your music to soar and swoop and carry you away on a journey of imagination and feeling, then you must have this CD in your collection, If you prefer singing to roaring and your guitars to be clever, intricate and intelligent, then you must possess this LP.

Add this CD to your collection and be grateful that there is still new Blood out there who can rise above what is fasionable and craft something that will stand the test of time

Press release:

Area 54

The London based quartet are metal in the best sense; intricate and assured musicianship, powerhouse riffing with often progressive, landscapes and majestic vocals. Since their inception in 1997 they have developed a watertight, yet aggressive sound that combines the intensity of bands like Fear factory and megadeath with the melody of Disturbed and other forward thinking post millennial metal bands

Beckoning of the end, is the follow up to the bands 2002 debut LP CD 'No visible scars'. The critically acclaimed record capitalised on the Bands ferocious live reputation, and this Latest release builds on that by firmly announcing that they have talent to spare.

Released on Casket records (CSK015) and featuring a guest appearence from Tomas Lindberg (ex-At the gates - vocalist) Beckoning of the end represents a solid statement of intent from Area 54 that they mean business

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