My Life in the making - CD Review of Contemplating Concepts of Forever

Melody 10 out of Ten
Passion 9 out of Ten
Attention keeping 10 out of Ten
Sit and listen 10 out of Ten
Quality of Songs 9 out of Ten
Swooping, Choping riffs, bubbling power bass lines all urged on by powerful emo drenched vocals, this is one of those albums that I put on loop and listened non stop for half a day. Heart pumping sounds twisted up with emotion wrenching lyrics, ten tracks of massive rock that will easily sit beside the deftones and tools of this world, can you still call it nu-metal when the sound is so encompasing, British 21st century metal but without the gimmicks or painted faces.

Press release:

My Life In The Making

Vocals Ken Graham

Vocals & Guitar Ted Clark

Bass Sam Alflatt

Drums Tom Alflatt

My Life In The Making explode out of Kent this April, armed with their debut full length album, 'Contemplating Concepts Of Forever', featuring ten roundhouse blows of passionate melodic metal.

Released on Zebra3 records

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