Muddy Fly - CD Review of R_evolution

Grunge Melody 10 out of Ten
Attention keeping 10 out of Ten
Sit and listen 10 out of Ten
Quality of Songs 10 out of Ten
Lyrics 10 out of Ten
Muddy Fly launch R_evolution full tilt with 'Justice' the opening track on this magnificent album of lost ideals, and a generation corrupted with cynicism of a world that is devoid of meaning, and if you think that is heavy, listen to this brilliant album and you will know and feel how shocking the real world is! Ten quality songs full of melody down tuned guitars and riff nodding pure grunge that will have you choking on your own depression. Each track has it's own quality from the dark sound of 'Fake' to the self describing sounding 'inside my mind' this Crew have it nailed. Great Songs and a must have album.

Press release:

Muddy Fly

Vocals & Guitar Daniele Braglia

Bass Daniel "rocket" Razzoli

Drums Matteo Beneventi

Guitar Andrea "brighel" Daviddi

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