Hidden in plain view - Life in dreaming

Since signing to Drive Thru Records in the summer of 2002, Hidden In Plain View have sold over 50,000 copies of their self titled first EP, toured with the likes of Matchbook Romance, MxPx, The Early November and appeared at the Warped Tour, and now, finally are on the verge of releasing the first full length album 'Life In Dreaming', and all of this inside two years!

11 tracks of well rounded and huge sounding rock currently grace my CD Player, and looking at a few of the names behind it, Jim Wirt producing (Incubus, Something Corporate) and Josh Wilbur mixing (Atreyu, Puddle of Mud, Adema) I'm not surprised at all.

The album itself opens with 'Bleed for you' starting out with a melodic plucking and joined swiftly by powerful guitar, drums and bass, setting you up with the mood of the rest. There is a perfect mix between fast powerful tracks and mellow relaxed tunes that sweeps you through the album , taking your emotions on a rollercoaster ride.

I could go through each track and describe each to you but with this album I'd rather you were able to experience it for yourself and urge you to buy it the DAY it's released, March 14th 2005!

"The more you soup up a record, the more realness you lose. We didn't go crazy with the salt and pepper" Joe Reo

The above quote applies to the self titled EP but Hidden In Plain View have been sticking to their guns and Life in Dreaming is equally lacking in over production. Effects, sequencing and so on are pretty limited and while their melodic vocals and catchy riffs are plastered all over the album, you'll never confuse them as pop, this is a real rock band of the modern day who truly believe in what they do.

'We just want to go out and play rock 'n' roll, and give people a chance to take from our music what they want. It's totally personal' Joe

Expect Hidden In Plain View to be blessing the UK with a tour sometime later this year after the release of the album (March 14th, 2005), get ready, it's going to be damn good!
Tom aka crimson

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