Funeral for a friend - Casually dressed and deep in conversation - a CD review

Rocking 10 out of Ten
Head Banging 10 out of Ten
Leaping about 10 out of Ten
Climbing on furnature 10 out of Ten
Passion 10 out of Ten
Attention keeping 10 out of Ten
Quality of Songs 10 out of Ten
A passionate example of all thats best with nu metal, heavy and passionate as well as intelligent and gentle, beautifully crafted and rocking this will make you leap about the bedroom before getting down to some real 'business' with your woman.
As a debut album it will go down as one of those legendary benchmark albums that the others will have to match, don't miss out, Get it and play Loud.

press release:
The band's remarkable rise since the summer of 2002 has made them one of the most exciting prospects for the next generation of hard rock acts. They have been named the "Hottest New Band on the Planet" by Kerrang! as well as receiving a Kerrang! award for Best Newcomer Artist. Reviews of the new album ' Casually dressed and deep in conversation ' ( released 2003 October )have been nothing short of spectacular; described by Metal Hammer as "this year's most relevant album", by Kerrang! as "a band who now undoubtedly deserve your attention, consideration and respect" and NME who say the new album is "mapping out just how important Funeral are about to become".
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