Dead Letter Dept: - Anthology UK - CD review

Rocking 10 out of Ten
Exciting 8 out of Ten
Lyrics 8 out of Ten
Partying 10 out of Ten
Listening 9 out of Ten
Attention keeping 8 out of Ten
Quality of Songs 8 out of Ten
Dead Letter Dept: are a punk/rock band from Canada, playing old skool riffs, chops and plenty of drum rolls , its enough to excite and to get you on your feet, with the new style vocals its also bang up todate( punk/pop harmonies ) this is a collection of songs that will have you buzzing and singing along with, so listen, be entertained and then go out and buy it.

Dead Letter Dept:
Released on the 18th of August 2003
Press release

Their sound is tricky because so much goes along with the bands songs, that on the first listen it isn't so black and white. With poetic lyrics, unapologetic atheist views and politics that strech to far to the left to consider them a typical uncaring pop punk band.
This band is a hard working 'working class' band that would rather play to a room full of kids then entertain a hall of drinking adults. Touring is a big part of the bands life and they've played to anywhere from 30 to 300 people, and always with the same amount of nonstop nail biting energy put into each performance.

Rob Moir - Guitar/vocals
Mike Leblanc - Drums
Andrew Sparks - Bass
Danny Complex - Guitars for info
Released by Noonoorecords

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