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Adzuki - CD Review of Transitions

A Brilliant Debut EP from a young band who have excelled at capturing the innocent sensitivities of youth and the power of experience allied with some potent melody, a massive statement of intent with a sound that will appeal to all. This five track EP dos'nt mess about, track one 'five four' has an infectious tune that will have you tapping something, the second song 'Transitions' will remind you of the broken hearts felt and seen, track 3 with its lamentable melody and lyrics will have you pausing for breath while the urgent appeal of 'Losing today' sets you up for the final track 'Today is history' which pours all the ingredients into one, this is a mature offering from a new rock band who have an average age of 17, If Adzuki can continue to write songs with this quality they could turn into something special so make sure you order your copy now or get left behind in the rush
The 'Transitions EP is released on Mighty Atom records on August 23 2004.


Vocals & Guitar Dan

Bass Matt

Drums Dean

Guitar Rich

Welsh Quartet Adzuki release their Debut EP 'Transitions' on the 23rd of August, foregoing the usual uniformity of neanderthal, bludgeoning riffery and tuneless screaming, Adzuki have managed to combine a solid musical intensity with infectious lyricism, they produce truely intricate and passion fuelled rock music.

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